Openhearted Worldwide


Explore each other’s cultures and values!

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We share the earth with lots of different people. But how well do we know each other? Openhearted Worldwide, the game from publisher Open Up!, expands your views on culture and, simultaneously, your views about each other.

This edition – with more than 100 questions in two languages (Dutch and English) – gives you and the other players new insights and perspectives, understanding, borderless openhearted discussions, and above all, lots of fun! It offers you the chance to get to know each other and better understand each other’s cultural background. In turns, you take a card with a question or an activity such as:

• How do you feel about the country where you are now, and where do you really feel at home?

• What do you think about the humor in the country where you are now?

  • Is there freedom of speech in your country? How does it feel to you?
  • Where are your “roots”? What is something from your roots whichyou’ve always carried with you?
  • What do you think about the music which is typical in your culture?Let the group hear some of it.

Play Openhearted Worldwide and be surprised and inspired by your different cultural backgrounds. Knowledge about each other’s  cultures ensures that you can also understand each other better. This game is great to use as an ice breaker for people with different nationalities or cultures, to take along on a trip, or to get to know foreign colleagues or classmates better. Additionally, it’s also surprisingly fun to play this game with people from your own culture. Everyone experiences culture in his or her own way depending on (for example) his or her background or personal experiences.

This game is designed for two or more players and can be played anywhere with anyone.