Openhearted Classic!


Original questions and challenges to get to know each other better!

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You think you know each other (reasonably) well… but what do you really know about each other? With this challenging game, friends and family get to know each other (even) better in a fun and surprising way!

More than 100 varying, surprising and daring questions and tasks challenge you and your opponents to be open about a wide variety of subjects. In turns, you each take a card with either a question or task on it, such as;

  • Which well-known guru would you like to swap lives with for a week? Why him/her?
  • What missed opportunity would you like to have the chance of again, having let it slip by the first
    time around?

Find out which of you has the best sense of humor or the most energy.

This and many other questions and tasks will ensure surprising answers, hilarious moments, serious considerations, new discoveries and-above all – hours of fun together! Surprise yourself by getting to know more about your friends, family and most of all, yourself!

This challenging game is for two or more players and can be played anywhere and with anyone.